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Travee Sober Zones in Collaboration with KFC

Carnival is upon us, and here at Travee, we're thrilled to share some exciting news that's sure to enhance your Carnival experience! We're teaming up with the iconic KFC to introduce designated Sober Zones, providing a secure and delightful meet-up point for both our drivers and riders throughout the Carnival Monday & Tuesday.

Approved Waiting Areas:

  • 📍 Independence Square, Port of Spain

  • 📍 St James, Port of Spain, Port of Spain

Why Choose Travee Sober Zones?

🚗 Safety First: These Sober Zones offer a safe and easily recognizable location for Travee pickups during the bustling Carnival festivities.

Enjoy KFC Delights While You Wait!

🥤 Refresh and Savor: purchase your favorite KFC offerings, turning your wait into a delightful Carnival treat.

This collaboration is our way of ensuring your Carnival journey is not just convenient but also flavored with the delectable tastes of KFC. Your safety, satisfaction, and taste buds are our top priorities.

How to Make the Most of Travee Sober Zones:

  1. Choose Your Zone: Visit our approved waiting areas at Independence Square & St James, Port of Spain

  2. Request or Schedule you rides from the Sober Zone selection.

  3. Order and Enjoy: Treat yourself to exclusive KFC specials while anticipating your Travee ride.

  4. Share the Joy: Snap a selfie enjoying your KFC delights and tag us with #TraveeCarnival!

Thank you for being an essential part of the Travee community. Let's make this Carnival season memorable, safe, and downright delicious!

Cheers to a Carnival filled with rides, flavors, and unforgettable moments! #LiveInTheMoment

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