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Refer your friends and family to receive wallet credit

Embark on a journey of exclusive rewards with Travee's Refer and Earn program – where every referral becomes a token of appreciation just for you! We're excited to share the details of this fantastic program that lets you earn wallet credits for every successful friend or family sign-up.

How to Dive into Rewards?

Locate Your Referral Code:

  • Navigate to the Travee app menu.

  • Click on "Refer and Earn" to reveal your unique referral code.


Share the Love:

  • Spread the word! Share your referral code with friends and family through messages, social media, or a friendly chat.

  • Encourage them to use your code when signing up for Travee.


Reap the Benefits:

  • For every successful sign-up using your referral code, treat yourself to wallet credits – it's that simple!

  • Watch your wallet grow as your referrals join the Travee community.

Perks for Referrers?

Exclusive Wallet Credits:

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of sharing a great service while earning wallet credits for yourself.

  • Redeem your credits on future rides and make each journey even more rewarding.

Why Travee's Refer and Earn Rocks?

Solo Rewards:

  • Unlike other programs, Travee's Refer and Earn ensures that you, the referrer, are the sole recipient of the wallet credits.


Easy and Effortless:

  • Sharing your referral code is a breeze, and the rewards flow in seamlessly with every successful sign-up.


Your Network, Your Credits:

  • Build your Travee community and watch your wallet credits multiply as your friends and family hop on board.

Travee's Refer and Earn program is all about celebrating you – the referrer. So, go ahead, share the Travee experience, and let the exclusive wallet credits become your personal reward for building a network of satisfied Travee users.

Join Travee, refer your circle, and revel in the joy of solo rewards!

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Check the Travee app for details.

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