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Wallet Top Up Using Credit Card

Follow these simple and convenient steps to top up your in-app wallet by using your Credit/VISA Debit Cards:

• Open Travee app and Tap on menu icon

• Tap Wallet from menu options

• Tap 'Add Funds'

• Select from pre-set amounts or enter custom amount

• Tap Card and then done

• Enter your Credit Card information (ensure you enter expiry date in the format MM/YYYY)

After payment has been processed via the card option, you should see one of the following screens:

• Screen with green icon, which indicates that card processing was successful; OR

• Screen with yellow icon which says' processing'. This indicates that card payment was unsuccessful. You can try again and ensure that you have the sufficient funds on your card and you've entered your card details correctly.

Should you have any concerns or queries, please reach out to our support desk via the in-app support chat.



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