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Introduction Of Cancellation Fees

After much deliberation and feedback by both drivers and riders, we at Travee have made a decision aimed at enhancing the fairness and reliability of our platform. We recognise the importance of valuing the time and efforts of all parties involved in our rideshare community. Therefore, we are introducing cancellation fees to address the inconveniences caused by last-minute cancellations.

At Travee, we understand that cancellations can disrupt schedules and create challenges for both drivers and riders. These fees will serve to compensate drivers and riders for the time and resources invested in preparing for a trip that is suddenly canceled.

Our goal is to foster a culture of accountability and respect among all users of the Travee platform. By implementing these fees, we aim to discourage unfair cancellations and encourage responsible behavior from both riders and drivers.

This policy will be effective from 20 March, 2024.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to create a more equitable and reliable ridesharing experience for everyone in the Travee community. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us achieve this goal.



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