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Exploring Travee's Multi-Stop Feature: Elevate Your Ride with Convenient Stops

In the world of ride-sharing, convenience is key. Travee, always at the forefront of innovative features, introduces the Multi-Stop option to enhance your journey. Whether you need to make multiple stops on your way to a destination or simply want to plan a round trip, this feature has you covered. Let's delve into how to use Travee's Multi-Stop feature to make your rides even more tailored to your needs.

Step 1: Select "Where To" on the Home Screen. Begin by opening the Travee app and tapping on the "Where To" on the home screen. This is the starting point for customizing your ride with multiple stops.

Step 2: Add Stops with the + Icon. On the next screen, look for the + icon located to the right. Tapping this icon allows you to add up to three stops to your journey. Enter the addresses of the stops in the order you wish to visit them.

Step 3: Enter Final Destination and Select "Done" After adding your stops, specify your final destination. Once you've done that, tap "Done" to confirm your route.

Step 4: Complete Regular Ride Request Steps. With your multi-stop itinerary in place, proceed with the regular steps to complete your ride request. Choose your preferred vehicle type, adjust passenger and luggage details, and select your payment method.

Step 5: Make it a Pre-Booking with the Calendar Icon. If you wish to schedule your multi-stop ride for a future date, tap the calendar icon located at the bottom right of the screen. This turns your request into a pre-booking, allowing you to plan your journey well in advance.

Enjoy the Convenience of Multi-Stop Rides with Travee! Travee's Multi-Stop feature brings unparalleled flexibility to your ride. Whether you're running errands, making quick stops, or planning a round trip, this feature caters to your unique needs. Customize your journey with ease, and enjoy the convenience of a truly tailored ride experience.

With Travee's Multi-Stop feature, your rides become more than just a point A to point B journey. Take control of your itinerary, add stops as needed, and enjoy the ultimate flexibility in your ride-sharing experience. Elevate your rides with Travee – where every journey is personalized to fit your lifestyle.



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