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Travee's 'Who's Riding' Feature: Safe and Convenient Rides for Your Loved Ones.

In the realm of ride-sharing, safety and convenience are paramount. Travee takes a step further in ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience with its 'Who's Riding' feature. This innovative addition allows you to book rides for anyone in your contact list, making it ideal for ensuring the well-being of your children, grandparents, or anyone without the Travee app. Let's explore how you can use this feature in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Select "Where To" on the Home Screen. To initiate the process, open the Travee app and tap on "Where To" on your home screen. This is the starting point for booking a ride for someone else.

Step 2: Access 'Who's Riding' from the Dropdown Menu. In the top right corner, tap the dropdown menu that typically says "For Me." Select the option "Who's Riding." This directs you to the feature designed specifically for booking rides on behalf of others.

Step 3: Choose the Contact Person. Select the contact of the person you are booking the ride for from your phone's contact list. This ensures that the driver can easily identify and contact the passenger directly during the journey.

Step 4: Enter Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations. After selecting the contact, enter the pick-up and drop-off locations for the ride. Provide accurate details to ensure a smooth and efficient journey for the passenger.

Step 5: Complete the Booking Process. Proceed to complete the booking as you would for your own ride. Choose the preferred vehicle type, select whether it's a ride now or schedule for a future date using the calendar icon.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Travee's 'Who's Riding' Feature. Travee's 'Who's Riding' feature goes beyond traditional ride-sharing by extending the convenience and safety of the platform to your loved ones. Monitor the ride from pick-up to drop-off and rest easy knowing that you can book secure transportation for those who matter most.

Travee's commitment to passenger safety and user-friendly features shines through with the 'Who's Riding' option. Seamlessly book rides for your loved ones, extending the benefits of Travee's reliable and secure service to everyone in your contact list. Trust Travee – where every ride is not just a journey but a commitment to safety and convenience.



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