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Travee Community Guidelines

At Travee, we believe in fostering a safe and respectful community for both drivers and passengers. We expect all members of our community to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure a positive experience for everyone. These community guidelines outline the behavior we expect from our users and the consequences for violations. Please read them carefully to understand your responsibilities as a member of the Travee community.

Respectful and Professional Conduct:

  • Treat drivers and fellow passengers with respect, courtesy, and professionalism at all times.

  • Refrain from using derogatory language, making offensive comments, or engaging in discriminatory behavior.

  • Respect personal boundaries and avoid any form of harassment or inappropriate conduct.

Honesty and Integrity:

  • Provide accurate information when requesting a ride or confirming a booking.

  • Pay the ride amount in full using the chosen payment method, as agreed upon in the Travee app.

  • Do not make false statements regarding the use of cashless payments or attempt to deceive drivers.

Timeliness and Punctuality:

  • Be ready and waiting at the designated pickup location at the agreed-upon time.

  • If you are running late or need to change the pickup location, notify the driver promptly to make appropriate arrangements.

Safety and Security:

  • Follow all local traffic laws and regulations while using Travee services.

  • Refrain from any behavior that compromises the safety or well-being of others.

  • Do not request or engage in any illegal or unsafe activities during your ride.

Feedback and Ratings:

  • Provide honest and constructive feedback after each ride to help us maintain a high level of service quality.

  • Use ratings and reviews responsibly and refrain from making false or malicious claims.

  • Passengers are encouraged to resolve conflicts or issues through respectful communication and understanding.

Consequences for Violations:

Violations of these community guidelines may result in temporary or permanent removal from the Travee apps, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense. The following actions may lead to permanent removal:

  • Failure to pay the ride amount in full or attempting to deceive drivers regarding cashless payments.

  • Making repeated false statements regarding the use of cashless payments or engaging in fraudulent activities.

  • Consistent disrespectful behavior, offensive language, or discriminatory actions towards drivers or other community members.

  • Engaging in any behavior that compromises the safety or well-being of drivers or passengers.

Travee maintains a zero-tolerance policy for severe violations that significantly impact the safety, well-being, or trust within our community these include:

  • Bullying

  • Violence

  • Theft

  • Fraud

  • Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

  • Alcohol Intoxication

  • Recreational Drugs

  • Uniform Deviation

  • Abusive, Insulting and Threatening Language.

If you observe or experience any violations of these guidelines, please report them promptly through our support chat. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain the highest standards of conduct within our community.

Thank you for your cooperation in upholding these community guidelines and being an essential part of the Travee community.

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