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Driver Commission & Payout (T&T)

Travee's commission rate is 15%. Commission balances will be reflected in your ‘Credit Wallet’ and you will be able to pay the owed commission at any time. However, if your balance crosses -$150, you will not be able to go online and accept ride requests until your account is settled.

There are 3 ways to pay your commission:

1. Using your Cash Wallet. Funds in your Cash wallet can be transferred to your credit wallet to clear your balances. You can use finds already in your wallet or add funds to your by using your Credit/VISA Debit Card.

2. Paywise. Pay your commission via any of the 150 Paywise locations.

PayWise Agent List
Download PDF • 2.65MB


Acc#: 18682688845 (Please note that Paywise charges an additional TTD$8 processing fee to be paid along with your commission payment.)

3. Bank Deposit or Online Transfer:

Scotia Bank Account

Name: Travee Technologies Ltd

Account#: 748151210961

Branch: Richmond Street, POS

Type: Chequings/Business

Once commission is paid (Paywise or Bank Deposit), please submit proof of payment to a Travee representative via WhatsApp or via the support chat in the app.


Payouts are made directly to your bank account every Thursday of each week. To request a payout select 'withdraw' from your cash wallet and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Deadline for withdrawal request is every Wednesday at 10:00pm, any withdrawal requests after this will be processed for the following week.

Please note that any commission owed will be deducted before processing your payout.


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