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Travee Verification

Safety remains our number one priority to all users of the Travee apps. As such, we have recently introduced a Travee verification system for all riders.

Why get verified?

Just as drivers go through a vetting and verification process when applying, which includes; background checks, proof of vehicle ownership, submitting identification documents etc. Riders are now encouraged to become verified so that:

  • Drivers feel safer in knowing that you are who you say you are

  • Access to promotional codes/discounts

  • Receive an official verification badge

While verification is optional, drivers will be encouraged to accept rides from verified riders and be very cautious when accepting rides from unverified riders.

Who are verified riders? Verified riders are those whose names and profile photos matched that of a submitted form of identification. Verified riders are identified on the app with a green tick "✅"

Who are unverified riders? These are riders who have not submitted a form of identification and a profile photo of themselves or whose names do not match that of their form of identification. Unverified riders will be identified with a red caution mark "❗"

Verifying your account:

You can check to see the status of your account by viewing the icon next to your profile photo in the app menu. If you are unverified, you are encouraged to message us via the support chat in the app requesting to be verified. You must:

  • Submit a form of identification

  • Have a profile photo of yourself on the app.

  • Ensure your name on the app must match the name on your form of identification

Thank you for being a part of the Travee family as we work together to provide a safe and convenient service to everyone.

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