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Elevating Safety Standards: Travee's Rider Verification System

At Travee, safety isn't just a feature; it's our unwavering commitment to every user. In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, we've recently introduced a groundbreaking Travee Verification System exclusively for riders, bolstering the security of every journey.

Why Get Verified? Much like our rigorous vetting process for drivers, including background checks and proof of vehicle ownership, riders are now encouraged to embrace verification for several compelling reasons:

  • Driver Assurance: Verified riders instill confidence in drivers, assuring them that you are exactly who you claim to be.

  • Exclusive Benefits: Unlock a realm of perks, from promotional codes to exclusive discounts, available only to our verified riders.

  • Official Recognition: Receive a distinctive verification badge, proudly displayed on your profile, highlighting your commitment to safety.

While verification remains optional, riders opting for this added layer of security can expect a more seamless and secure ride experience. Drivers are incentivized to prioritize verified riders, fostering a community of trust and reliability.

Who Are Verified Riders? Identified by a green tick "✅" on the app, verified riders are those whose names and profile photos align with the submitted form of identification. This designation signifies a commitment to safety and responsible ride-sharing practices.

Who Are Unverified Riders? Riders without a submitted form of identification, a profile photo, or mismatched names will be marked with a red caution symbol "❗". Unverified riders are urged to undergo the verification process for enhanced safety and access to exclusive benefits.

Verifying Your Account:

  1. Upload Identification in App Settings: Begin the verification journey by navigating to the personal documents section in the app menu settings. Upload a clear image of a valid form of identification here.

  2. Profile Photo: Display a recognizable profile photo of yourself on the app.

  3. Name Consistency: Ensure that your name on the app matches the name on your identification.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Travee family. Together, we are creating a safer and more convenient service for everyone. Join us in setting new standards for safety in the world of ride-sharing. Safe travels with Travee! 🌟



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