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Essential Guidelines for Travee Drivers: Ensuring Safety, Cleanliness, and Customer Satisfaction

In the bustling world of ridesharing, being a Travee driver comes with a set of responsibilities beyond simply getting passengers from point A to point B. To maintain the high standards expected by both riders and the Travee platform, drivers must adhere to a series of rules and guidelines. Here's a rundown of the key points every Travee driver should keep in mind:

  1. Safety First. Always be on the alert when online. Be aware of your pickup locations, surroundings and stay on familiar roads. To limit your distractions, use a phone mount. ALWAYS CALL YOUR PASSENGER BEFORE HEADING TO THEIR LOCATION. Your opinion matters too! Report riders who act inappropriately.

  2. Dress Appropriately. All Travee Drivers are required to dress appropriately when online. Wearing appropriate attire adds to the customer experience and can lead to higher ratings/reviews and tips. Inappropriate dress clothing include: You should also have a tidy and clean appearance an maintain proper hygiene.

  • Short pants

  • Vest

  • Tank and Tube Tops

  • Clothing with offensive prints ( Curse Words, Violence, other ride share companies)

  1. Pay Attention to rider payment method. Riders can pay cashless using their app wallet.

  2. Keep Your Car Clean. Riders enjoy not only a safe ride but also a clean one. Ensure your vehicle is in a proper physical and mechanical condition both inside and out. (i.e. working AC, no foul smells, holes in seats, serious dents or broken lights etc)

  3. Do a thorough check to ensure passengers left nothing behind. If items are found, report it to our support team. Details like this go a long way and can even raise your overall rating!

  4. Ensure your car has enough fuel before going online.

  5. Customer Service Is Key. Superior customer service stands out to riders. While some riders may not want to be too chatty, be courteous. Simple manners go a long way!

  6. Keep Small Change. Some riders may choose to pay with cash. Cater for them by having small change on hand.

  7. Accept tips. If a rider offers you a tip you are free to take it.

  8. Read and understand our Terms & Conditions

  9. Compromise the Travee Brand. Using competitor apps opens you up to inefficiencies and may discourage riders. This in turn, can be damaging to your rating and also leaves the reputation of you and the app at stake. We ask that if you are not in a position to take a Travee ride that you come offline. Compromising the Travee brand can lead to suspension or removal from the Travee platform.

  10. Do not argue with your rider. If an issue arises kindly ask the rider to exit your vehicle and contact support or the relevant authorities immediately.

  11. Do not drive while sleepy, tired or if you have consumed alcohol.

  12. Do not pick up riders with other passengers in you car. Any reports of this can lead to suspension or removal from the Travee platform.

By adhering to these guidelines, Travee drivers can ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for riders while upholding the reputation of the platform. Remember, delivering exceptional service not only benefits passengers but also boosts your own success as a Travee driver.



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