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Travee Safe

Getting you to your destination safely, remains our number one priority, our safety measures include:

  1. Driver Screening. Travee drivers are rigorously vetted prior to their commencement of service to our customers. Submission of a certificate of good character, references and background checks are done to ensure a quality driver takes you to and from your destination.

  2. Emergency Contact & SOS Button. Add up to 5 emergency contacts to your account. An SOS button is also available for passengers and drivers, in cases of emergency. This button becomes active when the passenger is picked up at their location of departure.

  3. Share Ride. Both passengers and drivers can share their ride details to their loved ones via WhatsApp. This safety feature also shares a tracking link so that your loved ones can track you ride live to ensure the are dropped off to their destination safely.

We continue to encourage everyone to keep safe and be alert. Here are some safety tips to consider before entering a vehicle:

  • When your driver arrives, ensure that it is the same vehicle as displayed in the app (Model, colour, number plate etc,);

  • DO NOT get into any vehicle that does not match the vehicle description on the app;

  • Ensure the driver photo in the app matches the driver of the vehicle;

  • Ask the driver for his/her name before entering the vehicle;

  • Drivers should know your drop-off location beforehand. Ask your driver to confirm your drop-off location before entering the vehicle;

  • Should you sense something awry, DO NOT enter the vehicle.



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